Opening Your Essay With A Quote


Whenever clients send us their essays, we are very particular about them starting their essays with a standalone quote. We hope to provide some useful alternatives for you.

7 Tips for Your TOK Essay

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Just thinking about the TOK essay can be overwhelming. However, since it is an IB Diploma requirement, the TOK essay is unavoidable. Utilize the following 7 tips to strengthen your TOK essay.

How the SAT Has Ruined Christmas? 🎄

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The festive season is here and SAT is trying to steal the "fun"! Look how SAT has joined Christmas by putting it into a practice Reading passage.

How to Tackle the OPCVL Question for IB History

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When considering the OPCVL question on the Paper 1 exam (worth 4 of the total 24 points) we must look at one specific historical document and refer to its origin, purpose, and content to determine what its values and limitations are to historians.

Choosing between SAT and ACT

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By Leo Lam (Head of Academics at The Edge Learning Center) In the past few years, many schools are making the submission of SAT or ACT scores optional. However, this should not stop students from taking the test. If a student can obtain a good score on one of these two tests, it is always a bonus […]

Going to Venus


The 2020s will see humans once again becoming a space-faring species. Yet, whilst here is a lot of interest in humans going to Mars or returning to the Moon, we should not ignore our study of Venus just because humans won't be visiting the planet.

3 SAT Math Mistakes That You Never Stop Making

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Ever wonder why your SAT math scores don't reflect your true ability? Today's blog is all about why that may have nothing to do with your math skills at all...

5 Simple Steps to Surviving Unseen Poetry


So you're sitting in an exam staring at a poem you've never seen before and just as fear and anxiety are about to take over, you remember you know these 5 simple steps to surviving unseen poetry, and soothing relief gently washes over.

The Silver Mirror Test


Chemical reactions can be fascinating, the Tollens' test in particular turn any glassware into a silver mirror! Learn the mechanism of this redox reaction and understand why it can distinguish different organic compounds.

Calculus – Implicit Differentiation


Let's take a look at another topic in Calculus: Steps to help you easily take the implicit derivative of an equation.

Applying to Australian Universities


There's a world of universities out there - consider Australia! Learn about the advantages of Australian universities, which to consider, and how to apply.

Sound Advice – Alliteration, Consonance, and Assonance


Students often overlook how sound as a device can add to the quality of their analysis when writing a commentary essay. Don't let that be you! In this month's blog, learn how to gain the grade you want with sound analysis.