Admissions Consulting

The Edge specializes in US, UK, and Canadian University and Boarding School admissions consulting services.

We help students define their educational goals, prepare them for making informed decisions, and guide them through a search for a school that best fits their individual needs. Our experienced Admissions Consultants provide:

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Meticulous admissions data analysis
  • Thorough school selection
  • Academic guidance
  • Effective essay-writing training

This year, our team has completed a highly successful year during which:

  • 80% of our students were accepted into one of the Top 100 World Universities.
  • 90% of our US university applicants were accepted into one of the Top 50 US Universities.
  • 100% of our UK university applicants were accepted into one of the Top 20 UK Universities.
  • 100% of our boarding school students who applied to the Top 10 boarding schools received at least one offer.

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Our Admissions Consulting Services Packages include:

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Honed over years of research and practice, our unique approach helps students and families navigate the admissions processes of universities and boarding schools across the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Hong Kong, and other countries.

  • Future Exploration

Universities highly value students’ aspirations, and they want to help you achieve your goals. Using personality assessments and career interest databases, The Edge’s consultants help students define academic, career, and life objectives, as well as identifying universities that match those aims.

  • Hurdle Jumping

All universities demand that students demonstrate academic competence, and every level of academic achievement requires students to overcome challenges. Our consultants help students maximize their potential and keep their options open by lining up appropriate academic and non-academic support resources.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities

Universities view extracurricular activities as indicators of students’ passion, initiative, and commitment. By working with students to identify their passions, our consultants guide students in selecting and excelling in activities that fit their interests.

  • Story Crafting

With limited time for each applicant, university admissions officers look for applications that tell coherent and compelling stories. With comprehensive knowledge of different universities’ requirements, as well as nuanced understanding of individual students’ profiles, The Edge’s consultants help students tie together their academic and personal stories in ways that fit, both academically and culturally, the universities to which students are applying.

  • The Pitch

Ultimately, applicants need a strategy to present their story of academic and personal achievements. Our consultants help students craft coherent application packages that best showcase their individual stories in the context of specific universities.


“Without The Edge, I seriously would not have gotten in.” – E.L., student of CIS

“My husband and I only want to thank you for your insight and guidance for JL on how he should write his essay which focuses on what strengths he has.” – Parent of J.L., student of South Island School

“This morning I found out I was admitted to UPenn, Cornell, NYU, and UC Berkeley. I am so unbelievably happy and grateful for these opportunities. Thank you so much for your guidance and support throughout the entire process!!” – A.P., student of CIS

Our Team

The Edge’s Admissions Consulting team includes former Senior Deans of Admissions and Assistant Directors of Admissions, former International School Counselors and Ivy League University Professors. Together, we’ve seen over 10,000 applications and counseled thousands of students into the schools of their dreams.

With truly global coverage, The Edge’s Admissions Consultants can help you where and when you need it.

The Edge’s Admissions Consultants are spread across different timezones and different continents. Regardless of geographical boundaries and time differences, we are ready to assist you.


University & Boarding School Admissions Consulting Package

Personalized Approach • Complete Preparation • Long-term commitment

  • Get help on everything from secondary school course selection to extra-curricular activity planning
  • Expert admissions Consultants will walk students and parents through the entire process
  • One-time fee regardless of when you join so starts early!

Recommended for: Students and families who want a head start on the admissions process, with premium service and support throughout

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University & Boarding School Admissions Consulting Starter Package

Flexible Scheduling • Tailored Service

  • 4 Hours of Consultation
  • Get the help you need, when you need it

Recommended for: Students who want guidance on making a college list, completing a personal statement and other application essays, advice on extracurricular activities, interview preparation, etc

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