About Us

“Education shouldn’t teach us what to think, but how to think.”

– Duc Luu, Founder and CEO

Results-driven learning for modern students who want to excel

In today’s highly competitive and increasingly crowded academic landscape, there is more pressure on bright hopeful students than ever before to perform and do well at the highest levels.

Sought-after places in the top international academic institutions are more in demand than ever before, and only those very top performers can ensure a place that could set them up for the rest of their lives.

In 2008, a group of experienced admissions consultants who were qualified at the very highest level came together to found The Edge, a premium learning center based in Hong Kong, to help students achieve the best through proven methods.

Our goal is to partner with students, parents, schools, and corporations to provide the best guidance and support to students for all their academic, career, and life choices. Doing so successfully requires a solid level of expertise across a variety of fields within education – from tutoring to counseling and coaching – and a commitment to work as a team, collaborating across these areas of expertise to provide the best options for students. For collaboration without expertise is like steering a ship without a compass.

For over a decade our team has focused on building a solid foundation and honing our expertise across our four departments – Academic Tutoring, Test Preparation, Admissions Consulting, and Educational Training – to provide the best value to students we work with. This foundation of expertise has enabled us to serve thousands of students over the past 13 years as well as many leading schools in Hong Kong – including Island School and ISF Academy – and multinational corporations such as Standard Chartered Bank and Wharf Limited.

We’ve also renewed our commitment to holistic education with a new initiative we call Edge360, which leverages our counseling expertise to bring together the guidance from all of our experts to help parents and students successfully navigate the many choices they face in today’s complex educational landscape.

We’re committed to rethinking education for the 21st century.

We’re looking to find a better way.

Join us today.