Beginner’s Guide to Mathematical Proofs


For students who are new to proving in Mathematics, here is a quick guide to help you get started.

COVID-19: Year One


It has been a year since the world learned about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are in the midst of it, there are some interesting findings throughout the year : Why is Italy hit more badly in the first wave? Is the virus getting less deadly?

Text by Text or Theme by Theme

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What’s the best structure for the IOA and Paper 2? Both the IOA and Paper 2 assessment components share the same choices when it comes to structure, the text by text approach and the theme by theme approach. What’s the best structure for your style? Let’s take a look!

Introduction to Oxbridge Entrance Tests


One does not merely walk into Oxbridge. Acceptance is restricted to more than just high predicted grades ... difficult and complex entrance exams will await you to weed out the few from the many. If you think you are worthy of Oxbridge, The Edge will be your Samwise Gamgee.

5 Key Things to Ace Your Admission Interview


The interview is, for many applicants, one of the most stressful steps in the application process. In virtually every other part of the application, you have time to think, consider, re-write, etc., whereas the interview is unpredictable and requires answers to be given immediately. However, being a good interviewee is a skill just like any other – one that you can improve with practice and preparation. Let’s get into some of the key things you can do to ensure that you ace your interview.

The Bernoulli Equation


Perhaps one of the most important laws of the natural world is the law of conservation energy, which in essence states that energy can neither be destroyed nor created. This fundamental principle helped the great Daniel Bernoulli first to deduce a relationship between pressure decrease and the corresponding fluid flow increase.

10 Expert Tips – Paper 1 Language and Literature


Got a 4 and want a 6? Got a 6 and can’t seem to achieve that elusive 7? Grab the examiner’s attention with these 10 expert tips designed to get you that higher score on your Paper 1.

Context! Audience! Purpose! Tackling the IB English B Paper 1


For all you IB English B students out there: Yes, Paper 1 can be hard! Prior to May 2020, the writing paper tasks would give you the text type (e.g. write an article/speech/review) you had to write. However, after the 2020 changes to IB Language B, students must now choose the text type they will use to respond to their chosen writing task.

天能與劍橋– By Karen Lee (Chinese Version Only)


最近上映的一套話題電影 Tenet ,令很多觀眾陷入過去與未來的時間迷宮。電影以天文和數理作藍本,由熱力學中的 entropy 引申到順行與逆行的時間概念,作為理科生的我,當然不會錯過。 坦白說,電影我看了兩次,再惡補網上不同的解讀,反覆推敲後才完全明白劇情的來龍去脈。我不打算在這一一拆解,不過當你自信滿滿以為自己看懂了,相信我, you don't know what you don't know!

Guinea Pigs for Science


Being fluffy and soft makes this friendly rodent, the Guinea pig, one of the more popular household pets. In the scientific community, however, Guinea pigs are used as animal models and are the subject of experiments. Thanks to its physiological similarities to us, in its hearing, immune system and respiratory tract, the Guinea pig makes a valuable model of study in medical and physiological research. Guinea pigs were not always treated as test subjects. They were (and still are) a popular South American food staple.

The Point of the PEEL


Making a great first impression counts. People judge us by what we say, how we say it, and even by the way we write. When it comes to writing essays, the first sentence, the point of our paragraph, says more about our ability to communicate than the entire contents of the paragraph. How do your opening lines come across?

男或女誰說了算?– By Karen Lee (Chinese Version Only)


南非女跑手薩美雅(Caster Semenya)與國際田徑總會(IAAF)之間的角力,最近又再度被關注。瑞士法院於本周二裁定薩美雅的上訴失敗,她必須按照國際田總早前頒布的新例,接受治療以降低體內睾酮素水平(testosterone)至指定濃度5 nmol/L,否則將不能再參加女子田徑賽。