Strive for Academic Excellence on the IB/AP/IGCSE

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Summer is fading and a new academic year is around the corner. To help you plan and prepare well for the upcoming school year, The Edge is offering a limited time 20% discount* on the second subject of private tutoring with us. IB/AP/IGCSE available subjects: English | Math | Physics | Biology | Chemistry | Economics […]

Seminar: Explore Science in IGCSE

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 Seminar: Explore Science in IGCSE If you or your children are planning to take IGCSE exam and have an interest in science, then this seminar is for you. Our Head of Math and Sciences, Luke Palmer, will be giving a lecture on the basics of the IGCSE as well as the specifics as related to the sciences covered by the curriculum. Registration […]

Path to IB Success Seminar Series

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 Seminar: Path to IB Success Seminar Series A new school year is around the corner! Are you or your children either currently studying or planning to study in the IB curriculum? Getting a 40+ score is going to make you a more competitive applicant academically in applying to top US/UK universities. Let’s plan and prepare […]

U.S. Boarding School Seminar Series

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 Seminar: U.S. Boarding Schools Seminar Series Studying abroad is doubtlessly one of the most important decisions in the growth and development of children. Parents often want their children to become more independent, but also have concerns about whether boarding schools would provide the best education for their children. To address these concerns, The Edge has prepared […]

U.K. Admissions Test Preparation Tutoring

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With U.K. universities having such an impressive international reputation,  many families consider the U.K. as one of their ideal options for kids to study abroad. Since the typical U.K. University focuses more on academic performance, many courses require students to take an Admissions Test, especially for professional degrees like law and medicine, which is a […]

College Application Essays Coaching, Editing and Timeline Support

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Spend your summer time to prep for the college application preparation and submission! If you or your child is a high school senior, it’s a time to complete your personal statement and college application essays. These two components are sometimes the deciding factor for admission and should be prepared with the utmost care. Don’t stress out though, our expert Admission […]

New Course: IB Grammar Builder

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IB courses are challenging to most of the local students as they are heavy in English context. It is essential to have fairly good English language skills in order to get a good score in IB. That’s why we have designed a new Grammar Builder course to help mainly non-native speakers to bolster their English language skills by […]

Implementing Strategy as an Education Company – Duc Luu

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The Edge’s Founder and CEO, Duc Luu, also the Chief Strategy Officer at RISE Education, has recently shared his insights on implementing a successful strategy as an Education Company in the Asia-Pacific region in Innovation Enterprise, the business media company. Read on to hear Duc sharing on the uniqueness about RISE Education’s strategy, the different approaches and challenges of […]

Radio Interview with Duc Luu – Running The Race

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Recently, The Edge’s Founder and CEO, Duc Luu had the opportunity to be interviewed by Hong Kong’s D100 radio show, Running the Race. Running the race is a show sharing the various ways entrepreneurs have been successful over time. Duc shares his story from the humble days of founding The Edge to the recent merger with the RISE […]

Happiest Education Company of 2016


Tiny Pulse, an international organization which helps companies “DELIGHT” awarded The Edge its 2016 “Raising the Bar” Award for the Education category. Come see why SAT and ACT scores improve dramatically at the Top College Admissions Consulting and Test Preparation Company in Hong Kong!  Don’t miss the next Free College Admissions Seminar! The company which […]