2024 SSAT & ISEE Course Packages

Are you or your child eager to ace the SSAT or ISEE exams? Look no further than our highly sought-after test preparation course! With tailored test prep course packages designed to fit your study plan, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your dream score. Our students achieved top scores on the SSAT and […]

2024 SAT & ACT Course Packages

Are you or your child getting ready to take the SAT or ACT exams? Our highly sought-after test preparation course is exactly what you need! Achieve your dream score with the right test prep course package that is tailored to your study plan. Our students achieved top scores on the SAT and ACT in 2023 & […]

2024 Spring Special

Are you or your child striving for academic excellence and seeking a customized class to prepare for GCSE, IGCSE, IB, and AP exams while simultaneously enhancing writing skills? Sign up for 15 hours of private lessons to receive 2 FREE bonus hours. This is a great opportunity to achieve your academic goals and unleash your […]

2024 Spring Schedule

The 2024 Spring Schedule is out now! Discover the ultimate guide to academic success with our 2024 Spring Schedule! Get ready to unlock the key to your academic success with our Spring Regular Courses and Easter Intensive Courses in April. Our courses are specifically designed to help you achieve top grades in global assessments such […]

2024 Chinese New Year Schedule (Feb-Mar)

Get ahead of the game this new year by turning your big ideas into actionable steps with our expert help! Are you or your child preparing for the SAT/ACT/SSAT exams? Our highly sought-after test prep course is exactly what you need. And with our unbeatable package discounts, there’s no better time to get started! For students […]

2023 Christmas Special

2023 Christmas Special  Get ready to boost your SAT, ACT, SSAT/ISEE, IB, AP, IGCSE, and Academic Writing exam skills this holiday season with our Christmas Intensive Courses! Sign up today and receive an extra General English lesson as a bonus. Our Christmas intake begins on December 18. Register before 31 December 2023 to enjoy our […]

2023 Winter Special Offer

Are you looking to improve your exam-taking abilities while also saving money? We can help you master your exam skills and save you some cash in the process! Sign up for 10 hours of private lessons and get 1 extra hour free. Sign up for 15 hours and get 2 extra hours free! This is an […]

2023 Winter Schedule

The 2023 Winter Schedule is out now! Unlock the key to academic success with our Winter Regular, Christmas Intensive, and Chinese New Year Intensive Courses! Our courses are custom-designed to help students achieve top grades in global assessments including GCSE, IGCSE, MYP, IB, and A-Level, as well as university entrance exams such as SSAT, SAT, […]

2023 Fall Academic Writing Courses

Are you/your child looking for Academic English Writing Courses that could prepare you/your child for international exams such as I/GCSE, MYP, IB, or A-Level? The Edge offers writing courses to help students strengthen their analytical, descriptive, and reflective writing skills. These courses have been tailored to prepare students for the academic demands of international exams such […]

2023 Fall Schedule

The 2023 Fall Schedule is out now! Ease into success in your next academic school year with solid confidence!  Check out our upcoming SAT, ACT, SSAT, IB, IGCSE, A-Level, AP, Edge Writing, and Holiday Special Program course schedule!  Why choose The Edge? We have outstanding teachers, and we offer free pre-lesson consultation to ensure your academic goal […]

2023 Summer Group Discount

The Edge is here to give the greatest support to students who will soon challenge the SAT, ACT, or SSAT exam! Many studies suggest that studying with good friend(s) can amplify the level of motivation and make learning more enjoyable. The Edge offers a 2-persons-discount and a 3-persons-discount to encourage students to study in groups. Get […]

2023 Admissions Consulting

The 2023 Admissions Consulting is out now!  The Edge’s admissions team is comprised of industry experts and former admissions officers with first-hand knowledge. The team together has over 50 years of professional industry experience with independent school and university admissions. Every year each of The Edge’s counselors works with 16-20 students. This year, 95% of […]