30% Discount On ACT/SAT/SSAT Online Courses

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Spring into action on test preparation! Succeed in your ACT/SAT/SSAT with our online prep! Feeling anxious about taking ACT/SAT/SSAT or simply don’t know where to start off preparing? Make good use of your stay home time and try out our online courses which can always allow you to prep and learn at home anytime. 30% EGGS-tra Savings on our […]

The Edge Online

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Online learning has been taking over the conventional format of teaching and learning in the classroom while schools remain closed recently. Students can have the flexibility to learn and prep for their exams anytime, anywhere. Do you know The Edge has our own online platform? Edge Online presents an all-in-one learning platform to facilitate interactions […]

Special Online Courses: ACT | SAT | SSAT | IB | English Writing

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Learning doesn’t stop just because school is out! Succeed in your exams with our online prep! If you are stressing about preparing your upcoming exams or simply desiring to improve your academic writing skills while your school remains closed, try out our online courses which can always allow you to prep and learn at home anytime. We have […]

IB | AP | IGCSE Private Tutoring Special

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IB/AP/IGCSE exams are all just around the corner. With the schools remain closed these weeks, many students may have concerns with their upcoming assessments and exam preparation. The Edge offers online private lessons to help students keep up with their schoolwork and prepare for these challenging exams efficiently by meeting our tutors at home without […]

How Strong Is Your SSAT Vocabulary?

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Vocabulary is one of the key parts of the SSAT. Several types of vocab questions appear in the Verbal and Reading sections of the exam. Take a minute to answer these 10 questions and find out your SSAT vocabulary level! Looking for SSAT prep courses? We have Boot Camp, Essentials, English Builder, and Mini Power […]

Do you know the differences between the ACT and SAT?

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Nowadays, every college and university in the US accept the ACT and SAT equally. These standardized tests help schools evaluate your application and see how well prepared you are for college courses. Increase your chances of getting into top college by picking the right test! But first, do you know the differences between the ACT […]

An Expert Look Into University Acceptance Trends of 2019

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Our Senior Admissions Consultant, Ally Ip, and Admissions Consultant, Antonia Chui, share exclusive insider intel on their strategies to help students enter their dream institutions. If you can’t view the above image, please click here: The Standard Quality School Guide – An Expert Look Into University Acceptance Trends of 2019 About The Edge The Edge Learning […]

IB Math Common Core (SL & HL)

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As the new IB Math curriculum has been launched in Sept 2019 for the IB Class of 2021, The Edge now runs a new IB Math Common Core course to help students who are going to the first year of IB get prepared for the upcoming syllabus changes as well as stay ahead of their […]

CNN Interview with The Edge

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Our former Senior Admissions Consultant, Ally Ip, joined a live interview at CNN News Stream anchored by Anna Coren on May 3 to share her insight on the college application process in the US and admissions scandal happening recently. Here’s the full video clip. About The Edge The Edge Learning Center is Hong Kong’s premier […]

ACT vs SAT – Which test is more suitable for you?

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Both the ACT and SAT are standardized tests for students applying to US universities. Do you want to know which test is more suitable for you? Let’s take a minute to answer these 10 questions! Don’t miss the chance of taking a free mock. We do offer a diagnostic test to our new students to identify what your strengths and […]

Test yourself: IB Math SL and HL – Which one suit you better?

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According to the IB Programme, students are required to take at least one course in mathematics and computer science as an elective. For all the pre-IB students, have you decided to take IB Math Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL)? If you aren’t confident in whether you should take the SL or the HL, […]

U.K. Admissions Test Preparation Tutoring

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With U.K. universities having such an impressive international reputation,  many families consider the U.K. as one of their ideal options for kids to study abroad. Since the typical U.K. University focuses more on academic performance, many courses require students to take an Admissions Test, especially for professional degrees like law and medicine, which is a […]

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