Say no to “Love”

By David Jeon

(Admission Consultant at The Edge Learning Center)

Say No To Love

Just like at Google, when it comes to writing your personal statement, we say no to love.

As Aasif Mandvi in the above video says, “We say no to love.”

Similarly, in your personal statement, we want to be as formal as possible.

We frequently get clients whose essays say things like,

“I would love to take a class with so and so professor.”

“I love to learn about computer science.”

“My love for research…”


Not only is using the word “love” in describing your interests in a personal statement considered informal at best, but it’s also not very descriptive.

Instead of saying, “I love to program mobile apps,” how’s this instead?

With my eyes stuck on the screen like glue, my heart was beating in excitement as the number of times users downloaded my app skyrocketed. First 100, then 200, then 400…


Instead of saying, “I would love to take blah blah class with so and so professor,” how’s this?

Given my demonstrated interests in [topic] and [topic], Professor So and So’s course [name of course] would enable me to deepen my understanding of [specific topic] and allow me to [do something in the field].


Instead of “My love for research…,” how’s this?

The prospect of redressing some of the most pressing issues in [field] titillates me, and I firmly believe that [name of the university] provides the ideal environment for me to acquire the skills to do so. 


Now, when you write your essay, anytime you feel the urge to write “love” somewhere, take a pause and think whether there’s a better descriptor somewhere.


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