The Edge Achievements – Student Leaders

Studying for the various tests one must take to enter US boarding schools or universities can be an extremely stressful and challenging time for students, but when it ends in success, there are few more rewarding feelings. We at The Edge are dedicating this page to our students who have faced the challenge and come out successful. Below you will find information on what makes our students so special, results!

Recent Top Scorers


NameSchoolTestTest DateComposite Score
L.F.CISACTOct 201736
R.C.HKISACTOct 201735
A.F.AJISACTOct 201735
J.L.HKISACTOct 201735
A.B.HKISACTFeb 201834
G.V.HKISACTJul 201834
A.D.HKISACTJul 201836
B.C.St Paul Co-edACTJul 201834
V.S.GSISACTJul 201836
Y.C.Shatin CollegeACTJun 201834
A.W.ISACTJun 201835
G.L.St PaulACTSep 201935
E.LWinchester CollegeSATAug 20181540
C.C.ISFSATOct 20181510
C.L.HKISSATOct 20181480
R.C.GSISSATOct 20181440
S.F.HKISSATOct 20181470
U.B.GSISSATOct 20181490
C.L.HKISSATDec 20181560
J.Z.SISHKSATDec 20181510
L.A.CISSATMar 20191430
C.V.CDNISSATMay 20191480
J.C.Webb SchoolsSATJun 20191550
H.C.CDNISSATOct 20191440
A.C.HKISSATOct 20191530
A.T.Stevenson SchoolSATOct 20191500
M.A.HKISSATII BiologyNov 2017800
U.B.GSISSAT II BiologyJun 2019800
A.F.American School in JapanSAT II ChemistryOct 2018760
B.W.SGSSSAT II Math 2Jun 2018800
B.W.SGSSSAT II PhysicsJun 2018800
B.C.St Paul Co-edSAT LiteratureMay 2019790
A.C.ICSSSATNov 20172300
E.H.KGVSSATApr 20182361
C.L.GSISSSATJun 20192268
Z.Y.St Paul's Co-edSSATOct 20182283
H.C.Heep YunnIELTSSep 20178

Academic Tutoring (IB/AP/IGCSE)

NameSchoolTestTest DateScore
A.L.SPCCIB English Lit (HL)May 20187
I.C.ISIB English Lit (HL)May 20187
S.C.CISIB English Lit (HL)May 20187
S.C.CISIB English Lit (HL)May 20187
B.S.KGVIB English Lit (HL)May 20186
D.L.CISIB English Lit (SL)May 20186
K.H.CISIB English Lit (HL)May 20186
A.G.SISIB Math (HL)May 20186
J.W.CDNISIB Economics (HL)May 20187
Y.C.AISHKIB Economics (SL)May 20186
Z.Y.AISHKIB Economics (SL)May 20186
N.A.SISIB Physics (HL)May 20186
C.H.RCHKIB Psychology (HL Paper 2)May 20186
A.C.PLKCKYIGCSE EconomicsMay 2018A*
A.C.PLKCKYIGCSE LiteratureMay 2018A*
A.K.UWC SingaporeIGCSE LanguageMay 2018A
A.K.Harrow HKIGCSE MathMay 2018A

If you are or were an Edge Student and would like to share your score, please contact us at