SAT/ACT/SSAT Essentials Course

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SAT/ACT Course Objective: • To teach students the skills and techniques instrumental in achieving high scores on the SAT/ACT • To familiarize students with the structure and nature of the test • To illustrate the unique challenges of the SAT/ACT and help students to overcome them Course Description:  Developed by The Edge’s test preparation experts with over a […]

SAT Power Course

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SAT Power – Final Call Course Description: The Edge’s Power Course uses tests specifically selected for their challenging questions in order to gain those last few points at the high end of the score scale. Students take a complete SAT test in the morning, which is then graded by Edge specialists. In the afternoon or […]

LNAT: An Entrance Pass to Law School

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Most of the top-ranked Universities offering undergraduate law programs (LLB) require students to take the LNAT in addition to grade requirements and their UCAS applications.

All you need to know about the SSAT

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SSAT is a test that is used for private school admissions. Here’s what we need to know if we’re thinking about taking the test.

How To Get a Top Score in IELTS

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For those of us who are not native English speakers, you may find that an IELTS score is among the requirements for a school application or a job application. If you’re looking for tips on how to get started with your IELTS prep, you’ve come to the right place!

SAT Going Digital in 2023

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Back in September of 2018, ACT made the change to computer-based tests for all students outside the US. It’s only time that the SAT will follow suit. College Board has recently announced that the SAT (and also PSAT) will also become a computer-based test starting in 2023.

All you need to know about ISEE

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We’ve recently seen increasing interest in the ISEE as an alternative to the SSAT. Could this test be a better fit for your school admission needs?

SAT/ACT/SSAT Power Course

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SAT/ACT Course Objective: To reinforce the techniques and skills introduced in SAT/ACT Essentials in test conditions. To familiarize students with the speed and other pressures of SAT/ACT test day. To push students to more fully realize their potential through more difficult tests. Course Description: The Edge’s Power Course uses tests specifically selected for their challenging […]

How the SAT Has Ruined Christmas? 🎄

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The festive season is here and SAT is trying to steal the "fun"! Look how SAT has joined Christmas by putting it into a practice Reading passage.

Choosing between SAT and ACT

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By The Edge Learning Center In the past few years, many schools are making the submission of SAT or ACT scores optional. However, this should not stop students from taking the test. If a student can obtain a good score on one of these two tests, it is always a bonus for the application. The key […]

3 SAT Math Mistakes That You Never Stop Making

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Ever wonder why your SAT math scores don't reflect your true ability? Today's blog is all about why that may have nothing to do with your math skills at all...

A Systematic Approach to Building Vocabulary for Standardized Tests


Let's learn in precise detail a highly effective, tried-and-tested strategy for building vocabulary specifically for US standardized tests. An advanced strategy that can be paired with this one will be discussed in the upcoming Part 2.