Academic Tutoring

All Edge teachers strive to find bridges between subject matter in order to boost students’ understanding of the interconnectedness of different topics in their coursework. For example, a teacher may use Biology to explain the theory of the firm behavior in Economics or use the concept of natural monopolies in economics to explain electricity distribution in Physics. This interdisciplinary approach to learning helps students see the relevance in their schoolwork, and furthers their understanding of the world around them.

Need help with your schoolwork? The Edge is offering privates and courses (English/ Maths/ Physics/ Biology/ Chemistry/ History/ Economics/ Business/ Computer Science and many other subjects) to students in both local schools and international schools, join our class and learn how to apply the knowledge you learn in school to your IB/ AP/ IGCSE / A-Level examinations.

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While initially students often come to The Edge to remedy problems they have in their curricula, our Academic Tutoring Department will not only lead them through their academic problems and towards subject mastery, but also take them further, ahead of their in-school instruction. We call this pre-learning.

Make Learning Fun

At The Edge, we are very much against a ‘spoon-feeding’ approach to education. Instead of straight lecturing, our teachers are trained to take advantage of the latest research into brain-based learning in order to elicit active participation by students in the classroom.

Teachers use a variety of methods, tailored to the needs of the individual student, to make learning as enjoyable as possible. Our teachers are also trained in social and emotional learning, learning styles and a variety of other cutting edge methodologies.


Keeping parents and students updated on progress in the classroom is key to what we do. We report to you instantly after every lesson, what we teach, how we teach it, results and homework assignments. Parents can stay involved in the learning process and be informed of their son or daughter’s progress.

Our Team

In addition to having scored at least the 95th percentile on their standardized exams, all members of our test prep team go through a rigorous 40-hour training program followed by months of shadowing that ensures an excellent and consistent quality of instruction and a solid understanding of how to teach The Edge’s test preparation methodology.

Courses & Privates

Need help on IB/AP Subjects? We have you covered. Need to write better? We got that too. Want to generally excel in English? We are good at that. Take a look at our wide range of courses for specific needs!

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