Getting Started with your UCAS Personal Statement

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Many students struggle with their UCAS personal statements. Indeed, showcasing your academic ability and achievement within 4,000 characters is not an easy task. Learn how important it is to the UK admissions process and what to write about!

Everything you Need to Know About Big-O Notation


Ever wonder how does one measure the efficiency of a program? In computer science, an easy example is Big-O notation, where the number of times of iteration would be represented as a function of input size, making it a helpful method in comparing and choosing algorithm.

How Does a Calculator Find Sine of an Angle?


Ever wonder how you can calculate sine of an angle without a scientific calculator? Here is a brief introduction on finding the answer with only adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

Chemistry How To: Titration


In order to determine the content in an unknown solution, chemist would use a method called titration. Not only is it common in laboratories, it appears on tests too! Follow these 3 steps to understand every titration process!

A Systematic Approach to Building Vocabulary for Standardized Tests


Let's learn in precise detail a highly effective, tried-and-tested strategy for building vocabulary specifically for US standardized tests. An advanced strategy that can be paired with this one will be discussed in the upcoming Part 2.

School Research Doesn’t Have To Be a Drag!


There's no need to feel overwhelmed while staring at a school website. Check out our latest blog where we break down the do's and don'ts of school research!

Thinking of Studying in the UK?

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The UK higher education has always been a popular choice for international students because of its world-class institutions and rich cultural diversity, but British universities are not for everybody. Learn the distinctive characteristics of the UK education before deciding if it is the right choice for you!

Monty Hall Problem


The Monty Hall Problem is a famous problem that has been around for decades and originated from an American game show. This brain teaser was first solved by Steve Selvin and later Marilyn vos Savant, but many have debated whether their answer is mathematically accurate.

Scotland VS Rest of UK: What You Need to Know

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Scotland has become a popular destination for international students because of its world-class institutions, rich cultural history and stunning natural landscapes. Learn the distinctive differences between a Scottish and an English degree before you decide if this is a choice for you!

Does Natural Gas Have A Future?


We need not throw the baby with the bathwater, environmentalists need to have a deeper think on natural gas.

Choosing and Taking AP Exams


It's that time of year again: time to talk about AP Exams, which many thousands of stressed-out students will be taking in the next several weeks all over the world. In this blog, we’ll go over what they are, whether or not you (or your student) should take them, and – if so – which you should take, and how you should go about doing so.

SAT Reading – Looking for Key Information in Science Passages


Many of the passages on the SAT Reading Test are research summaries. Knowing the typical structure of these passages makes them easier to read.