Nailing Your US College Interview

Is it over after hitting your application's "send" button on your common application/coalition application? Think again, you may be surprised by the option to opt in for an interview invitation by some universities! Preparing for a US college interview can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. It’s your chance to showcase your unique qualities, academic achievements, and ambitions to potential universities. Here, I will highlight the crucial tips for acing your college interview and the significance of submitting a well-crafted resume. Read on...

6 Steps to Planning an Effective Essay Response

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Argumentative or persuasive essay writing is not just a useful writing skill but a necessary part of both the IGCSE and IB MYP curricula. For those not confident in essay-writing, it is important to have a clear approach to writing and organising your thoughts before you begin. Read on...

Unlocking New Horizons: Alternative Undergraduate Degrees in the UK Beyond Medicine

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Pursuing a medical degree is a cherished dream for many aspiring healthcare professionals. However, due to the fierce competition, limited spots, and high entry requirements, not everyone can secure admission into a medical program. The good news is that there are alternative undergraduate degrees that can also pave the way for a successful career in the healthcare industry.

Decoding The New IB Physics Syllabus

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What especially stands out about the IB Diploma is the constant level of research educators do to update the syllabus based on the feedback provided by teachers and undergraduate university providers. This has resulted in quite a few large changes to the Physics course, in line with the changes to the other science courses of Biology and Chemistry. Read on...

Recent Changes in IB Science Subjects: A Comprehensive Overview of Content and Exam Style for First Assessments in 2025

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In this article, we will discuss the recent changes to the IB science subjects, with specific focus on content and exam style. We will provide a general overview of the modifications and then delve deeper into the changes within Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Read on!

Exploring the Transformative Power of ChatGPT and other AI tools: How it Makes College Education Truly Worthwhile!

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The rise of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) system designed to simulate human-like conversation, has generated a lot of buzz in the education sector. Some experts predict that ChatGPT could replace traditional college education and make higher education obsolete. But does AI really pose a threat to higher education, or could it actually enhance our learning experiences? Read on.

Breaking into tech at undergraduate level

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The number of college students majoring in or who intend to major in computer science has skyrocketed in the past, more than doubling since 2013. Indeed, the major has become so popular that some of the top universities for computer science - including the University of Michigan, UIUC, and UT Austin - will not even allow students to switch into the major if they weren’t accepted for it right from their freshman year. 

Breaking into tech at graduate level

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Perhaps you now hope to switch to the software field, but have little to no background in computer science. Fear not - even if you didn’t major in computer science as an undergraduate student, it is not too late. Indeed, with the field of computer science growing as rapidly as it has the past decade or so, now is the perfect time to make the switch!

2023 US Liberal Arts College Rankings

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US Liberal Arts College Rankings Table will help you by showing you the top US Liberal Arts College ranked by U.S. News Best National Liberal Arts College Rankings. Read on. 

2023 UK University Rankings

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Knowing how best to choose your future university can be tough. Our UK University Rankings Table can help you by showing you the top UK universities ranked by Times & Sunday Times Good University Guide and QS World University Rankings. Let's have a look at the table and get some ideas about the options!

2023 US University Rankings

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With US university application season quickly approaching, it’s the right time for parents and students to start putting together the list of schools to which they plan to apply. Let us share the latest US university rankings and have a glance at the options!

Is a Liberal Arts College education right for you?

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Applicants to universities, especially in the USA, may sometimes encounter the term “Liberal Arts College” in reference to certain schools. In this blog, we’ll explore what a Liberal Arts College (LAC) is, how the education at these schools differs from those at other universities, the pros and cons of LACs, and whether an LAC might be good for you or your child.