6 Steps to Planning an Effective Essay Response

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Argumentative or persuasive essay writing is not just a useful writing skill but a necessary part of both the IGCSE and IB MYP curricula. For those not confident in essay-writing, it is important to have a clear approach to writing and organising your thoughts before you begin. Read on...

Personal Statement Dos & Don’ts

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Most 2023 UK University Applicants are refining their personal statements to complete their university applications. Our professional admission consultants have worked out the below Dos and Don'ts to navigate students through this crucial step in the application process. 

Crafting a Winning MCIT Personal Statement (2)

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When you apply to a graduate program, whether MCIT  (Master of Computer and Information Technology) or elsewhere, the person reading your essay is literally on the admissions committee of that program and is likely more familiar with it than anyone else on the planet. Not only do they not need to be taught what it entails (because they already know rather well), but doing so takes the essay away from talking about you, which is what we want.

Crafting a Winning MCIT Personal Statement (1)

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In very few places is talking exclusively about yourself for an extended period of time a welcome practice, but your personal statement is one of them. The entire purpose of the personal statement is to show the admissions committee who you are as a person - your background, your motivations, and your professional goals - in ways that cannot be conveyed on your transcript or resume. At the same time, you must also tell the reader why this program specifically is the right fit for you. To do so, it is necessary to understand the program’s offerings.

In writing a personal statement, flattery gets you nowhere

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When you are applying to schools, you need to show why that school is unique. Here, just as in your dating life, empty flattery will get you nowhere.

Is “hard-working” good enough to be mentioned in an essay?

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Did you work hard to get to where you are today? Of course you did, but so did all 900 other applicants. Instead of “work hard,” state exactly what you did.

7 Tips for Your TOK Essay

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Just thinking about the TOK essay can be overwhelming. However, since it is an IB Diploma requirement, the TOK essay is unavoidable. Utilize the following 7 tips to strengthen your TOK essay.