UCAS Similarity Detection

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Beginning, crafting, and refining a 4000 characters personal statement is no easy task for many students. Nevertheless, plagiarism is a big no-no.

Say no to “Love”


Not only is using the word “love” in describing your interests in a personal statement considered informal at best, but it’s also not very descriptive.

In writing a personal statement, flattery gets you nowhere

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When you are applying to schools, you need to show why that school is unique. Here, just as in your dating life, empty flattery will get you nowhere.

Is “hard-working” good enough to be mentioned in an essay?

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Did you work hard to get to where you are today? Of course you did, but so did all 900 other applicants. Instead of “work hard,” state exactly what you did.

Ending your essay with a “bang”

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The end of your essay is your last chance to give the reader a deep impression of you, and you want to make it count. Make it vivid and full of impact.

Opening Your Essay With A Quote


Whenever clients send us their essays, we are very particular about them starting their essays with a standalone quote. We hope to provide some useful alternatives for you.

Getting Started with your UCAS Personal Statement

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Many students struggle with their UCAS personal statements. Indeed, showcasing your academic ability and achievement within 4,000 characters is not an easy task. Learn how important it is to the UK admissions process and what to write about!