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Our free seminars provide a great opportunity for parents and students to learn more about the complicated educational landscape.

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Webinar: Is Getting into UK Universities Easier than US ones?

The UK or US? Many people have the impression that application for UK University tends to be more straightforward and painless than the US ones. But is that true? What are the major differences in admissions requirements and application process? During the webinar, our Admissions Consultant, Mr Collin Joseph Law, will discuss: • ​​​​​​​Debunking the […]

Webinar: Path to US University Admissions

The US has always been a popular university destination for international students. Join our webinar and learn all the key things that need to be aware of when applying to a US university. During the 40-min presentation, our Admissions Consultant, Mr Jonathan Ault, will discuss the following: • The ins and outs of entering a […]

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