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Seminar: Analyzing Trends and Results: Are UK Universities Easier than US ones?

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Thinking about going to college in the UK or the US? For years, many have thought that UK University apps tend to be more straightforward and painless than the US ones. But is that really true? Especially with political instability everywhere! There have been massive changes in the admission process as well as entry requirements! […]

Seminar: Right Ways To Pursue Your Ivy Dream – Demystifying College Admissions

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Mr. Duc Luu, Founder/CEO of The Edge and Chief Strategy Officer of Rise Education, has been one of Asia’s top university admissions consultants for nearly 20 years. With an over 70% student acceptance rate to Ivy League Plus universities, he will share his insights on the latest Ivy League admissions trends and the recent admissions […]

Seminar: US Boarding School Application Process & Decision Making

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Are you planning to apply to a US boarding school for your children? Come join our seminar to explore more the top US boarding schools and their admissions criteria, and also to learn about the expectations in applying for boarding schools from the applications, tests to take, admissions interviews, etc. In this seminar, our admissions […]

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