All you need to know about the SSAT

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SSAT is a test that is used for private school admissions. Here’s what we need to know if we’re thinking about taking the test.

The Oxford Experience

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Oxford’s academic excellence is firmly cemented and demonstrated through its granular admissions sift, graduate employability, and world-renowned academics, and requires no further elaboration. Whilst its academic outlook is most definitely a central pillar of life at Oxford, it would be a mistake to not savour the rest of what is provided by the vibrant Oxonian community.

The Cambridge Experience

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There is often a lot of uncertainty about what life in Cambridge entails. Prospective students can find it daunting to think about the challenges that lie ahead. Cambridge is a terrific place to study and welcomes students from any background. I have certainly enjoyed my time here!

How To Get a Top Score in IELTS

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For those of us who are not native English speakers, you may find that an IELTS score is among the requirements for a school application or a job application. If you’re looking for tips on how to get started with your IELTS prep, you’ve come to the right place!

UCAS Similarity Detection

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Beginning, crafting, and refining a 4000 characters personal statement is no easy task for many students. Nevertheless, plagiarism is a big no-no.

SAT Going Digital in 2023

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Back in September of 2018, ACT made the change to computer-based tests for all students outside the US. It’s only time that the SAT will follow suit. College Board has recently announced that the SAT (and also PSAT) will also become a computer-based test starting in 2023.

“Deferred” And “Waiting List” Applicants? Here Are The Steps.

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With top universities receiving record amounts of applications each application cycle, even qualified applicants could receive a deferred decision letter.

All you need to know about ISEE

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We’ve recently seen increasing interest in the ISEE as an alternative to the SSAT. Could this test be a better fit for your school admission needs?

Say no to “Love”


Not only is using the word “love” in describing your interests in a personal statement considered informal at best, but it’s also not very descriptive.

In writing a personal statement, flattery gets you nowhere

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When you are applying to schools, you need to show why that school is unique. Here, just as in your dating life, empty flattery will get you nowhere.

Is “hard-working” good enough to be mentioned in an essay?

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Did you work hard to get to where you are today? Of course you did, but so did all 900 other applicants. Instead of “work hard,” state exactly what you did.

Ending your essay with a “bang”

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The end of your essay is your last chance to give the reader a deep impression of you, and you want to make it count. Make it vivid and full of impact.