Women vs STEM

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By Tracy Man (ACT, SAT, SSAT, and Math Tutor at The Edge Learning Center) In this modern age, there are several well-known figures in this field who have made vast contributions to STEM. For example, the late Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest minds known, and Elon Musk is currently one of the most renowned names […]

College Rankings, what do they really mean?

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By Ally Ip (Senior Admissions Consulting Partner at The Edge Learning Center) Just last week, a senior came to me and asked what he could do to convince his father that the university he was accepted to is a “top school.” On one hand, that university was a dream school to many of his friends. On the […]

7 Command Terms used in IB Biology and Chemistry

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By Luke Palmer (Head of Math and Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and ESS tutor at The Edge Learning Center) With this years IB exams coming up soon in May, students are busy taking mocks and doing practice questions. From experience over the years students are not always doing as well as they can on these tests. […]

7 Things to Know About the New IB English Curricula

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By Steve Leech (Test Prep (ACT/SAT/SSAT), and English Literature Tutor at The Edge Learning Center) When students return to school this autumn, those starting into the IB Diploma Program are going to be entering a brave new world. The IB curriculum has been restructured starting in the 2019 school year because it’s good to keep up with […]

How to Approach the Columbia University Supplements

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By Levi Busch (Test Preparation (ACT/SAT/SSAT), English Literature at The Edge Learning Center) As the only Ivy League school located in The Big Apple, Columbia owes its status as one of the nation’s premier academic institutions in large part to the world-class resources that only a city like New York has the ability to leverage. Students studying Masterpieces […]

Absolute Monarchs for the AP European History exam: Russia

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By Jonathan Wilson (AP/IB History, English Literature and English Language tutor at The Edge Learning Center) Hi everyone! In my last blog, I spoke a bit about AP European History and how it’s challenging to study and remember all of the content from our textbooks. As a tutor of History (and Literature, too) here at The Edge, […]

Backsolving SAT Algebra Problems

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By James Rodkey (ACT, SAT, SSAT, English Builder, ESOL, and Latin tutor at The Edge Learning Center) One of the most significant differences between the SAT and the math tests you take at school is that the SAT is (largely) multiple-choice. This means that the correct answer to the question is already written on the page in front […]

5 Outstanding Social Science Courses in the UK

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More than 150,000 students study social sciences at the undergraduate level each year in the UK. Given this popularity, most universities offer degrees in various social science disciplines (economics, politics, philosophy, anthropology). Some universities, however, have earned reputations for their unique course programming in the social sciences. Today, we are going to explore 5 of […]

Universities in the Netherlands: 5 Things to Consider

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By Marcella Ho (Admissions Consultant at The Edge Learning Center) In recent years, our experts at The Edge have noticed an increasing interest in higher education in Europe. In particular, many parents and students inquire about universities in the Netherlands, as they view the country as highly advanced and well versed in English. To demystify universities in […]

Using a normal calculator to do Algebraic Expansion

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By Owen Cheong (Math, Physics tutor at The Edge Learning Center) When you are asked to expand an expression like (3z+5)(2z+7), we usually apply the FOIL method: (Source) Now, I would like to introduce another way to expand brackets, all you need is a normal calculator. To expand the algebraic expression, we just need to substitute x […]

7 Tips for Your TOK Essay

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By Jaris Cole (English Literature Tutor at The Edge Learning Center) Just thinking about the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essay can be overwhelming. However, since it’s an IB Diploma requirement, the TOK essay is unavoidable. Here’s the good news: Although the essay itself represents a small portion of the 45 Diploma points, it can significantly boost […]

Getting into the Top US Universities – ACT & SAT Exam Strategies (II)

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By Marcella Ho, Leo Lam (Admissions Consultant and Head of Test Preparation at The Edge Learning Center)  In our previous blog post, The Edge’s test prep expert and admissions consultant provided their insights on the scores that you need to get into the Top 30 US universities and the best study strategies to achieve those scores. This […]

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