Fall Special Intensive – 2020

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Good news for all international school students! We have created a list of courses during your school break to help boost your test scores and English! Fall Break Intensive   *All lessons are taught at The Edge Mong Kok or Causeway Bay Center. Please call us at (852) 2783 7100 (MK), (852)2972 2555 (CB) or […]

Quarantine Reading for the SAT

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By Kevin Kwok (ACT, SAT, TOEFL, ESL Tutor at The Edge Learning Center) Of all the sections in the SAT, students find the Reading section to not only be the hardest section, but also the section that is hardest to make progress on. This is because unlike the Math or Writing sections, memorizing formulas or […]

SAT Reading: US Founding Documents

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By James Rodkey (ACT, SAT, ESOL, Latin, BMAT, GRE, TSA tutor at The Edge Learning Center) The SAT Reading section contains 5 passages: 1 narrative fiction passage, 1 social science passage, 2 physical science passages, and 1 history passage. The history passage can be the most challenging passage on the Reading Test for many (if not most) […]

5 Tips on Tackling the SAT Subject Test: Math Level II

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By Leo Lam  (ACT, SAT, SSAT, Math, Physics, MAT, STEP, TSA, English Builder tutor at The Edge Learning Center) Many universities require students to submit two or three SAT Subject Test scores in addition to their ACT/SAT scores. Those students who plan to study STEM in the future will often choose to take the Math Level II […]

Facebook Live: Upcoming SAT Arrangement and Exam Tips

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According to the HKEAA, the 14 March SAT has been cancelled for students travelling into Hong Kong, and local students registered at AsiaWorld-Expo will be transferred to a different location for testing. Our test prep expert Mr Najeeb Sheikh was on Facebook Live to explain to you the upcoming SAT arrangement as well as give test-tips to […]

Should I Take the SAT Essay?

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By Kevin Kwok (ACT, SAT, TOEFL, ESL tutor at The Edge Learning Center) Something our consultants and instructors often get asked about is whether a student should take the Essay portion of the SAT Reasoning Test. This is unsurprising given the scant amount of advice that College Board, the administrator of the SAT, offers in this […]

How To Structure Body Paragraphs for the SAT Essay

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By James Rodkey (ACT, SAT, ESOL, Latin, BMAT, GRE, TSA tutor at The Edge Learning Center) The SAT essay asks test takers to read a piece of persuasive writing and then give an analysis of it. As a reminder, this is the SAT’s description of the analytical task: Write an essay in which you explain how [author] […]

Do you know the differences between the ACT and SAT?

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Nowadays, every college and university in the US accept the ACT and SAT equally. These standardized tests help schools evaluate your application and see how well prepared you are for college courses. Increase your chances of getting into top college by picking the right test! But first, do you know the differences between the ACT […]

Why Vocabulary Still Matters for SAT Reading

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By James Rodkey (ACT, SAT, ESOL, Latin, BMAT, GRE, TSA tutor at The Edge Learning Center) I’ve written previously about how the new SAT explicitly tests vocabulary: the pre-2016 sentence completion questions are gone and have been replaced with context-based vocabulary questions that are generally much simpler. This only tells half of the story of vocabulary on […]

Backsolving SAT Algebra Problems

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By James Rodkey (ACT, SAT, SSAT, English Builder, ESOL, and Latin tutor at The Edge Learning Center) One of the most significant differences between the SAT and the math tests you take at school is that the SAT is (largely) multiple-choice. This means that the correct answer to the question is already written on the page in front […]

ACT vs SAT – Which test is more suitable for you?

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Both the ACT and SAT are standardized tests for students applying to US universities. Do you want to know which test is more suitable for you? Let’s take a minute to answer these 10 questions! Don’t miss the chance of taking a free mock. We do offer a diagnostic test to our new students to identify what your strengths and […]

Getting into the Top US Universities – ACT & SAT Exam Strategies (II)

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By Marcella Ho, Leo Lam (Admissions Consultant and Head of Test Preparation at The Edge Learning Center)  In our previous blog post, The Edge’s test prep expert and admissions consultant provided their insights on the scores that you need to get into the Top 30 US universities and the best study strategies to achieve those scores. This […]

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