How To Handle College Admissions During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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By Duc Luu (Founder and Admissions Consultant of The Edge Learning Center) Given the current worldwide lockdown, I’ve been asked about what steps I think need to be taken to mitigate COVID-19’s impact on the college admissions process. Let me give you a checklist and themes to consider: GPA Some high schools are moving to pass/fail […]

SAT Reading: US Founding Documents

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By James Rodkey (ACT, SAT, ESOL, Latin, BMAT, GRE, TSA tutor at The Edge Learning Center) The SAT Reading section contains 5 passages: 1 narrative fiction passage, 1 social science passage, 2 physical science passages, and 1 history passage. The history passage can be the most challenging passage on the Reading Test for many (if not most) […]

Reading the Question(s) in IB Chemistry

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By Daniel Tritton (Biology, Chemistry tutor at The Edge Learning Center) All too often I encounter students with innate ability in Chemistry making unnecessary mistakes and losing easy marks in their mock exams for IB Chemistry. Apart from having the knowledge and necessary problem solving skills, students should be adept at READING the question in the […]

5 Tips on Tackling the SAT Subject Test: Math Level II

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By Leo Lam  (ACT, SAT, SSAT, Math, Physics, MAT, STEP, TSA, English Builder tutor at The Edge Learning Center) Many universities require students to submit two or three SAT Subject Test scores in addition to their ACT/SAT scores. Those students who plan to study STEM in the future will often choose to take the Math Level II […]

5 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

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By Jaris Cole (English Literature, English Builder, ESOL, IELTS, TOEFL, TOK tutor at The Edge Learning Center) The recent outbreak of the coronavirus has forced many of us to stay home all day. Staying home has its advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is how too much time indoors could lead to cabin fever, which is a […]

Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis

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By Avi Banerjee (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Math, History tutor at The Edge Learning Center ) As I was teaching SAT Physics, I was reminded of the progress the science has made in the last hundred years. Take the year 1905, Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis. Over the course of a single calendar year Einstein published four ground breaking papers that […]

Make Vocabulary Personal

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By Hieu Van Do (English Literature, English Language, TOEFL, SSAT, English Builder tutor at The Edge Learning Center) The Verbal Section of the SSAT is arguably the most difficult section on the SSAT. Not only do you need to identify 30 synonyms, but you also need to form relationships between a pair of words in 30 analogies. […]

Should I Take the SAT Essay?

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By Kevin Kwok (ACT, SAT, TOEFL, ESL tutor at The Edge Learning Center) Something our consultants and instructors often get asked about is whether a student should take the Essay portion of the SAT Reasoning Test. This is unsurprising given the scant amount of advice that College Board, the administrator of the SAT, offers in this […]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Summer Program


By Jonathan Charles Ault (Admissions Consultant and English & History tutor at The Edge Learning Center)   Summer programs are a great way for a student to improve their CV and to show active interest in a specific topic or field of study; on top of that, they are educational and can be a lot of fun! […]

New IB Math Paper 3 – Math Investigation

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By Tracy Man (ACT, SAT, SSAT, Mathtutor at The Edge Learning Center) Source: math4teaching  Changes in IB Math As some of you may already be aware, the IB Diploma Programme (DP) Maths course has undergone some changes effective from the 2019-2020 academic year. The course will now be broken down into two routes: applied vs. pure (please […]

How To Structure Body Paragraphs for the SAT Essay

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By James Rodkey (ACT, SAT, ESOL, Latin, BMAT, GRE, TSA tutor at The Edge Learning Center) The SAT essay asks test takers to read a piece of persuasive writing and then give an analysis of it. As a reminder, this is the SAT’s description of the analytical task: Write an essay in which you explain how [author] […]

A guide to use online tools to perform mathematical modeling

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By Owen Cheong (Math, Physics, Chemistry tutor at The Edge Learning Center) Many students choose to do mathematical modeling in their Math IA. In this article, I will talk about how to use Desmos to model a curve by running a regression. Desmos is a popular online graphing tool. You don’t need to install any applications […]

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