LNAT: An Entrance Pass to Law School

By Regina Ng

Economics/Business/LNAT Academic Instructor

at The Edge Learning Center

Most of the top-ranked Universities offering undergraduate law programs (LLB) require students to take the LNAT in addition to grade requirements and their UCAS applications. Due to the volume of highly qualified candidates, an additional ‘tool’ was introduced to help differentiate the candidates and offer a candid look at their ability to process and communicate information.

What is the Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT)? 

The LNAT is a test of a student’s critical thinking, reading, and writing skills made up of 2 Sections:

Section A (95-minute multiple choice)

Section B (40-minute essay portion)

When do you need to take the LNAT? 

Bookings for LNAT places commence on the 1st of August and the exams may be taken from the 1st of September until 25 January for the August/September intake the following year.

Candidates who wish to apply for Oxford or Cambridge must take the LNAT prior to the submission of their UCAS application on the 15th of October.

How do you prepare for the LNAT? 

As an aptitude test, the inclination for students is to believe that there is ‘nothing to be done’ in preparation. In fact, students need to be aware of the peculiarities of the LNAT (especially the multiple-choice section) and practice accordingly.

One common method is to simply endlessly attempt practice questions but a deeper look at why a particular question is being asked will lead to a much more comprehensive and consistent approach.

In the essay portion, essay choice, a well-reasoned approach to the topic, and an ability to introduce balance to a response are part of the basic skills needed to fulfill the criteria of Section B. As always, with essays self-criticism, review and feedback are the keys to improvement.

How we can help

If you’re still uncertain about how to prepare your LNAT, we are here to help! Simply give us a ring or contact us today to schedule a lesson with Regina.

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