Breaking into tech at undergraduate level

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The number of college students majoring in or who intend to major in computer science has skyrocketed in the past, more than doubling since 2013. Indeed, the major has become so popular that some of the top universities for computer science - including the University of Michigan, UIUC, and UT Austin - will not even allow students to switch into the major if they weren’t accepted for it right from their freshman year. 

Breaking into tech at graduate level

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Perhaps you now hope to switch to the software field, but have little to no background in computer science. Fear not - even if you didn’t major in computer science as an undergraduate student, it is not too late. Indeed, with the field of computer science growing as rapidly as it has the past decade or so, now is the perfect time to make the switch!

Crafting a Winning MCIT Personal Statement (2)

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When you apply to a graduate program, whether MCIT  (Master of Computer and Information Technology) or elsewhere, the person reading your essay is literally on the admissions committee of that program and is likely more familiar with it than anyone else on the planet. Not only do they not need to be taught what it entails (because they already know rather well), but doing so takes the essay away from talking about you, which is what we want.

Crafting a Winning MCIT Personal Statement (1)

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In very few places is talking exclusively about yourself for an extended period of time a welcome practice, but your personal statement is one of them. The entire purpose of the personal statement is to show the admissions committee who you are as a person - your background, your motivations, and your professional goals - in ways that cannot be conveyed on your transcript or resume. At the same time, you must also tell the reader why this program specifically is the right fit for you. To do so, it is necessary to understand the program’s offerings.

8 Tips for a Winning US & UK Undergraduate Application Essay

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If you’re considering applying to universities in both countries this year, there are some fundamental differences between the UK and US university admissions processes that you need to know about; unfortunately, the same application form will not suffice for both. Let’s start by looking at the differences and then pointers for how to approach the essays; you’ll learn things to remember when writing your applications. 

Culture Trivia@TheEdgeEDU


Learn the UK & the US culture from our consultants!

Scotland VS Rest of UK: What You Need to Know

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Scotland has become a popular destination for international students because of its world-class institutions, rich cultural history and stunning natural landscapes. Learn the distinctive differences between a Scottish and an English degree before you decide if this is a choice for you!

Choosing and Taking AP Exams


It's that time of year again: time to talk about AP Exams, which many thousands of stressed-out students will be taking in the next several weeks all over the world. In this blog, we’ll go over what they are, whether or not you (or your student) should take them, and – if so – which you should take, and how you should go about doing so.

Facebook Live: Live with Mr. Duc Luu, The Admissions Insider

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How will Covid-19 affect the university admissions in the future? What are the guidance and advice from our Admissions Consultants on planning a student’s admissions path? We have invited our Founder, Mr Duc Luu, the Top Asia University Admissions Consultant who has over 20 years of experience in the industry to share his insights on […]

Do British universities neglect extracurriculars?

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Let’s be clear. When it comes to university admissions in the UK, achievement in extracurriculars would never compensate for low academic ability. But if you are considering ditching all your after-school activities, think again. It is true that UK universities are not particularly keen to learn about your non-academic interests – you will be assessed […]

5 Key Changes for US Admissions in 2021 with COVID-19


By Emilio Giuliani (Admissions Consultant of The Edge Learning Center) Beyond finding hand sanitizer more frequently in Admission Offices, the global COVID-19 pandemic may have lasting repercussions on how American AdComms handle the admissions process and applicant materials looking forward. While students for the Fall 2020 undergraduate intake are handling canceled exams and extracurriculars, it is […]