Personal Statement Dos & Don’ts

By The Edge Learning Center

Most 2023 UK University Applicants are refining their personal statements to complete their university applications. Our professional admissions consultants have worked out the below Dos and Don’ts to navigate students through this crucial step in the application process.


  • Be Concise: Deliver your message across clearly. Sophisticated language is not necessary.
  • Share your personal insights: Instead of telling what the subject you are applying to is about, it is more important to share your personal insights as people viewing your personal statement are the academics and experts in the field.
  • Write an interesting first paragraph to grab readers’ attention immediately


  • Don’t just restate your résumé: If you are going to talk about more than one achievement or experience, then connect the dots, and find a common theme that ties those items together.
  • Be careful with your humour
  • Don’t quote someone’s saying: No matter how well you think it might fit in, admission committees want to hear your words, not those of someone else.

Need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your personal statement? If you are still uncertain how to write a winning personal statement, simply contact us at 2972 2555 or WhatsApp at 5216 0630 so our experienced admissions consultant could help. 

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