SAT Going Digital in 2023

By The Edge Learning Center

Back in September of 2018, ACT made the change to computer-based tests for all students outside the US. It’s only time that the SAT will follow suit.

College Board has recently announced that the SAT (and also PSAT) will also become a computer-based test starting in 2023. The SAT will become digital first, beginning with the March 2023 test. PSAT will go computer based starting Fall of 2023.

The major advantage of taking the test online will be a quicker turnaround time for score calculation. Students will be able to receive their test scores in a few days instead of weeks. College Board also suggests that these tests will be unique for each student (but did not elaborate whether it will the order of questions that are different, or two students may receive different questions), thus eliminating the possibility of a “leak test”, which can affect all students taking the same exam.

The scores will still be out of 1600. However, the digital test will be shorter: two hours instead of three for the current paper test. Students will also be given more time per question.

The format will also be slightly changed. For the reading section, students will be given shorter passages with one question per passage. There will also be a wider selection of topics for these passages. For the math sections, there will only be one instead of two, and the students will be able to use a calculator for the entire section.

All tests before the March 2023 exam will still be paper-based. We will let you know when we find out more about the detailed changes.

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