Decoding The New IB Physics Syllabus

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What especially stands out about the IB Diploma is the constant level of research educators do to update the syllabus based on the feedback provided by teachers and undergraduate university providers. This has resulted in quite a few large changes to the Physics course, in line with the changes to the other science courses of Biology and Chemistry. Read on...

Recent Changes in IB Science Subjects: A Comprehensive Overview of Content and Exam Style for First Assessments in 2025

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In this article, we will discuss the recent changes to the IB science subjects, with specific focus on content and exam style. We will provide a general overview of the modifications and then delve deeper into the changes within Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Read on!

Tacoma Bridge Disaster

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In this article, we will examine how resonance works. Resonance is a very powerful phenomenon in nature, be it climate change to collapsing bridge.

The Pursuit of Fission

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A profile of the discovery of Nuclear Fission by the pioneering scientist Lise Mietner, the first woman to be appointed a Professor of Physics in Germany.

Designing Physics Experiments

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All physics students will have to design experiments at some point in our school lives. Some of us will have to complete in-depth studies, core practicals, or internal assessments that make up large chunks of our final grades, whilst others will have to write exam papers with experimental design questions incorporated into them. Designing experiments […]

Misconceptions in Physics

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By The Edge Learning Center There is a common misconception that ‘There is no gravity in outer space’. This misconception gets further reinforced when phrases such as ‘zero’ and ‘micro’ gravity are often heard in videos that show humans floating around in their space suits. Gravity is based on the mutual attraction between two objects, […]

How to Teach Math to those who cannot do Math

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By Alfred Tang (Math and Physics tutor at The Edge Learning Center) At The Edge, we teach students of all different levels. We have primary school kids all the way up to college students. Some of them are straight-A students. The majority of the rest are getting acceptable grades in school before they come to us. Then […]