Recent Changes in IB Science Subjects: A Comprehensive Overview of Content and Exam Style for First Assessments in 2025

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In this article, we will discuss the recent changes to the IB science subjects, with specific focus on content and exam style. We will provide a general overview of the modifications and then delve deeper into the changes within Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Read on!

7 Command Terms used in IB Biology and Chemistry

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By Luke Palmer (Head of Math and Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and ESS tutor at The Edge Learning Center) With this years IB exams coming up soon in May, students are busy taking mocks and doing practice questions. From experience over the years students are not always doing as well as they can on these tests. […]

IB Biology and IB Chemistry Options

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By Luke Palmer IB Biology With the start of summer, many students are preparing to study their science option topic. For IB Biology there are four choices, (A) Neurobiology and Behaviour, (B) Biotechnology and Informatics, (C) Ecology and Conservation, and (D) Human Physiology. Read more: IB Biology Overview All topic focus into different areas and the […]

IB Biology Overview

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By Luke Palmer With the start of the new year, many students are taking IB mock tests in preparation for their IB diploma exams this May. A student must take six different subjects across a range of disciplines, the Group Four topics are the sciences, one of which is Biology. The IB Biology syllabus has a large range […]