Henry Tseng


Henry likes a warm and welcoming classroom where students are encouraged to ask questions and make constructive discussions. He prioritizes teaching students the reasoning of mathematics over getting the numerical answers with tricks.

Henry received his B.S. in Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude) from Binghamton University, New York; and his M.Sc. in Mathematics for Educators from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Mathematics for Educators”

With 5 years of teaching experience, Henry is an expert in teaching all of the following:

  • Math: SSAT, SAT, AP Calculus, IGCSE, ISEE
  • College level: Pre-calculus, Single Variable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equation

Henry was invited to be a teaching assistant from his professor when he finished his sophomore year in college. After he completed college in the US, he went back to Hong Kong and worked as a math instructor in a learning center for a year before enrolling in HKUST to pursue his master’s degree. He was also hired by HKUST to be a full-time math instructional assistant after the first semester, in which he was assigned to conduct tutorial sections and supplementary lectures for undergraduate math classes such as single variable calculus and linear algebra.

Henry’s interest is swimming and playing magic.

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Henry used to teach his friends Mathematics in college at night by using the empty classroom at school. It was not only fun but also helpful as he could learn much more in teaching than studying by himself. This experience has shaped how he feels toward teaching and has strengthened his determination to get a PhD and be a professor in the future.