Amaan Iqbal Ibrahim

English, Biology, Psychology & University Entrance Exam

Amaan's teaching style is personalized and student-centered.

Amaan Iqbal Ibrahim earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Birmingham Dubai.

Having an educational background in psychology gives him a profound comprehension of human behavior and cognition, which forms a solid basis for comprehending how students learn and the diverse factors that influence their learning experiences.

Amaan has extensive teaching experience across a variety of subjects and student groups. He provides individualized instruction to over a hundred students in subjects such as science and coding languages. His teaching methods are highly appreciated by his students, who consistently report positive feedback on their learning outcomes.

With 6 years of teaching experience, Amaan has taught the following subjects:

  • English (IGCSE/IB)
  • Biology (IGCSE/IB)
  • Psychology (IGCSE/IB/AP)
  • SAT English
  • IELTS & UKiset
  • Public Speaking
  • Coding (Javascript, App Development, Block-Based Coding)

Amaan takes a personalized and student-focused approach when teaching his students. He tailors each lesson to ensure effective learning outcomes. He prefers to create a semi-casual setting in his classes to encourage his students to ask questions and actively participate in discussions. He often includes real-world examples and popular culture references to make the class more engaging and relatable. He empowers his students to understand the content and develop critical thinking skills.

Aside from teaching, Amaan is also passionate about public speaking and has given four TED talks. He also enjoys creative pursuits such as debating, writing poetry, and reading. He is also a music lover.

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Amaan's extensive teaching experience has improved his ability to communicate complex concepts effectively. He has received high ratings from students, which proves his dedication to facilitating their learning journey. These experiences reinforce his passion for teaching.