Peter Thomas

English Language, English Literature, History & Writing

Peter believes that having high expectations helps students to achieve their full potential. Nurturing an intrinsic interest in subjects enables students to take responsibility for their own learning and progression.

Peter holds a BA in History from the University of Warwick, an MA from the College of Europe, and a PhD in Political Science from the University of Leicester. He holds a PGCE (QTS) from the University of Cambridge (Downing College).

His teaching specialisms stretch from History and English to the Social Sciences with a particular focus on Government and Politics. He has over 10 years of teaching experience in schools and universities and hopes to bring innovative ideas from each of these areas into the classroom.

Peter has taught all of the following subjects:

  • History (Pre-GCSE/GCSE/A-Level/IB)
  • English Literature (GCSE/A-level/IB)
  • Government and Politics (GCSE/A-level/IB)
  • Social Sciences
  • University Preparation
  • General Composition and Writing

Peter takes a particular interest in strengthening critical and analytical thinking and improving students’ abilities to solve problems. He places importance on developing academic and intellectual confidence.

In his spare time, Peter enjoys watching sports and traveling.

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