Najeeb Sheikh

(Senior Academic Instructor)

Mathematics, Science & School/University Entrance Exam

Najeeb’s teaching style is dynamic, engaging, fun, exploratory/intuitive, geared towards student self-discovery, and adaptable to various learning speeds and styles.

Najeeb received his B.S. in Applied Mathematics from State University of NY Polytechnic Institute and went on to get an M.S. in Operations Research from North Carolina State University and another M.S. in Analytics from Louisiana State University.  Additionally, he is a “Master Certified Level III Tutor” from the College Reading and Learning Association in the USA.

He started tutoring as a freshman in the USA, and with 17 years of full-time teaching experience in the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong, Najeeb has taught the following:

  • Test Preparation (ISEE, SCAT, SSAT, ACT, SAT, GRE, and GMAT)
  • Math (university courses, IB, IGCSE, A-Level & AP)
  • Physics (IGCSE)
  • General Science

Najeeb knows how to use the soroban, the Japanese abacus, for simple arithmetic calculations, and recently taught it to his 14-year-old daughter; little did he suspect that with a few weeks of practice, she would become three times as fast as him!

He is an adrenaline junkie who has driven single-seater open-wheel small formula cars twice and skydived and paraglided, has an almost encyclopedic knowledge about food and nutrition, speaks 5 languages, and is learning 2 more.  He also knows several neat mental math tricks; come and ask him!

Blog written: A Systematic Approach to Building Vocabulary for Standardized Tests

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Najeeb’s background and experience make him a good teacher for the type of student that wants to learn not only various strategies and tricks, but also wants to understand the material at a deeper level and see its applications to daily life, ensuring longer retention and a more enjoyable learning process.