Hailey Choi

Math, Chemistry & Biology

Hailey is passionate about providing tailored education to students of all levels, including those with special educational needs. Hailey believes that every student possesses unique qualities and that it is important to adjust teaching styles accordingly. She encourages her students to practice regularly, as she believes that practice leads to perfection.

Hailey holds a B.Sc. (Honours) in Chemical Technology from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a M.Sc. in Food Science and Technology from National Taiwan University. Her high school teacher inspired her to pursue a career in teaching, with the goal of positively impacting lives through personal connections and sharing the gift of love.

For a period of six years, Hailey has been a dedicated tutor, offering academic support and mentoring to students of all levels. In addition, she has selflessly volunteered her time and expertise to a non-profit organization that helps grassroots students.

Hailey has 6 years of teaching experience and is knowledgeable in the following:

  • Math (IGCSE, IB, SAT & HKDSE)
  • Chemistry(IGCSE, IB, AP & HKDSE)
  • Biology (IB, AP & HKDSE)
  • Physics (HKDSE)
  • Integrated Science (HKDSE)
  • English (HKDSE)

In addition to her passion for teaching, Hailey loves traveling, singing, and playing guitar. She also serves the community by volunteering her time to teach underprivileged children and helping homeless people.

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Having an educational foundation in chemistry and food science allows Hailey to conduct experiments and research with enthusiasm, and also equips her with the ability to convey scientific theories in a more practical and accessible manner.