SAT Power Course

SAT Power – Final Call

Course Description:

The Edge’s Power Course uses tests specifically selected for their challenging questions in order to gain those last few points at the high end of the score scale. Students take a complete SAT test in the morning, which is then graded by Edge specialists. In the afternoon or evening, students meet with a tutor for two hours to cover specific problems and commonly missed questions. The course is rigorous and requires dedication.

Course Syllabus:

DayMorning ActivityAfternoon Activity
1Complete Power Series test #1Explanations with tutor.
2Complete Power Series test #2Explanations with tutor.
3Complete Power Series test #3Explanations with tutor.
4Complete Power Series test #4Explanations with tutor.
5Complete Power Series test #5Explanations with tutor.

Course Schedule:

5 Mock Tests + 10 Hours of Review (Cost: HK$7,750)

Course Next Intake: 

29 October, 2022 – 26 November, 2022 (Saturday)

10:00 – 13:30 (Mock); 14:30 – 16:30 (Review)


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