Oxbridge Interview Prep

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A Journey of Self-Discovery

Get familiar with the Oxbridge interview setting and be confidently prepared from Oxbridge graduates or admissions experts to ace your Oxbridge interview!

Benefits for the student

  • Get familiar with the Oxbridge interview setting and be confidently prepared
  • Improve clarity in structuring an argument when facing unfamiliar academic problems under time pressure
  • Become aware of the specific areas to focus on
  • Boost overall interview skills and leave the best impression to maximise the chance of success

Essential Interview Training
(1 Session)

  • Practice interview skills and techniques
  • Understand the Oxbridge interview format and focus
  • Improve communication skills and critical thinking abilities
  • Learn the “Dos & Don’ts”

Personalised Mock Interviews
(2 Sessions)

  • Experience an academic-based interview setting tailored to the student’s profile and chosen course
  • Get evaluated by a panel of interviewers, including Oxbridge graduates and experienced academic tutors who are the subject experts
  • Receive constructive feedback with specific action points

Subject-focused Question Bank (1 Session)

  • Practice possible subject-focused interview questions
  • Access real questions asked in the past Oxbridge interviews

Instructors are either Oxbridge or G5 universities graduates or have admissions/ teaching experiences at Oxbridge or G5 universities.

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