Jonathan Charles Ault

(Admissions Consultant)

B.A. Washington & Lee University, English and History

Jonathan Ault received his B.A. in English and History from Washington & Lee University, a top-ten liberal arts school in the U.S., which he attended on a full academic scholarship. While there, he received every award available from the school’s English department. He also spent a semester studying European History at the University of Copenhagen and English Literature at Oxford. He graduated Magna cum Laude, with the highest honors in English (4.0 GPA in English). After that, he worked as a manager at a language school in New York City and a manager at an English school in Seoul, and taught English Literature and History in Tianjin and Shenzhen; during that period he worked with students from a wide range of age and English level, especially high school students and adults. He has worked as an admissions advisor in Shenzhen for four years. During that time, he worked closely with high school students and middle school students, as well as their parents, to help them enter their top-choice universities, high schools, and summer programs. His main focus has been on helping students with their essays, interviews, and test preparation for Ivy League schools, with great success; he has also worked closely with university officials to learn what their priorities are when choosing students for their programs and to create new opportunities for his students. His chief skills are excellent communication skills with students, parents, and university officials, as well as a keen sense of what top schools look for in students, especially in the areas of essay-writing and interviews.

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