Collin Joseph Law

(Senior Admissions Consulting Partner)

J.D. Candidate, Yale Law School
B.A. Columbia University

Collin received his B.A. (magna cum laude, 3.9 GPA) in Evolution, Ecology, and Environmental Biology from Columbia University, and he later became a J.D. Candidate at Yale Law School.

Having mastered the college and graduate school admissions process himself, Collin, a former Columbia interviewer now a professional and experienced teacher for many years, truly understands the schools and experiences his students have. Collin is very passionate about helping students discover themselves and find both academic success and the perfect college fit. He has a high degree of empathy for his students, and he cares deeply about their success, with steadfast support for students and their families at every step of the daunting admissions process.

In recent years, Collin has helped students gain admission to many top US and UK universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, CalTech, Oxbridge, St Andrews, LSE, Imperial and more, as well as top US boarding and independent schools like Phillips Exeter, Milton, Groton, Choate, Hotchkiss and more. Not only an experienced admissions consultant, Collin, with a 99th+ percentile score on all of the standardized tests he teaches, possesses unparalleled expertise in the standardized tests required for admission to most top schools, which means he can offer the very best personalized advice and planning for his students.

Member of NACAC.

Collin is also the tutor at The Edge. Click to view his profile.

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