Jonathan Wilson

English, History, English Language Exam

Jonathan likes to be highly interactive in class. He is particularly great for students who want more than a lecture-based class, and a teacher to guide them through the learning process together.

Jonathan received his BA in English from the University of Southern Maine.

Jonathan has 7 years of teaching experience and has taught all of the following:

  • English Language
  • Literature
  • History
  • Test Preparation (SAT)

Prior to coming to The Edge, Jonathan has taught in various parts of the world including China (Beijing and Zhengzhou), South Korea, and Saudi Arabia. His experience makes him adept at working with students of different background and skill set.

Having co-edited and co-written an SAT 2016 book (Published by Tsinghua University Press), Jonathan can breakdown assessment materials and teach exactly what the students need to achieve.

Besides teaching, Jonathan can be seen practicing Vipassana meditation that he picked up in College.

Blogs written: IB History – The New Paper 1 Prescribed SubjectsHow to Read a Graphic Novel or Comic Strip, How to Read a Graphic Novel or Comic Strip: Part 2 (Shots and Angles), How to Argue: An Introduction to the “Toulmin Method”, Absolute Monarchs for AP European History, Absolute Monarchs for the AP European History exam: RussiaHow to Tackle the OPCVL Question for IB History,How to Complete the Compare and Contrast Question for IB History Paper 1, AP English Literature: How to Tackle Poetry for Multiple Choice Questions

Demo class: History – How To Answer Paper 1 Question 1A for IB HistoryHistory – IB Paper 1 Question 1BIELTS – Matching Headings 

Energetic and personable, Jonathan can help students maneuver through the difficult assessment materials and content.

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