Jonathan Charles Ault

English, History, English Language Exam

Jonathan’s teaching style is passionate and communication-focused; he focuses on improving his students' critical thinking through discussion and close reading, and believe good writing is especially important.

Jonathan received his BA in History and English from Washington & Lee University.

With 14 years of teaching experience in the USA, China, and South Korea, Jonathan has taught the following:

  • World and U.S. History
  • English Literature and Writing
  • ESL
Jonathan has taught a wide variety of students, with English levels ranging from complete beginners to advanced. He has also taught students of all different ages, ranging from seven-year-olds to adults.

Jonathan has written a novel (“The Fallen City”) and five short stories, and hopes to have his first short story published this year.

As of 2022, Jonathan has lived in six different countries, and has visited 31 countries–he hopes to reach 32 this year!

Jonathan is also the admissions consultant at The Edge. Click to view his profile.

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Jonathan's background and experience make him a good teacher for students that enjoy thinking about new ideas and connecting what they learn to their lives and the world around them in interesting ways.