Indrani Banerjee

Mathematics, Physics, School/University Entrance Exam

Indrani aims for her lessons to be like an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Indrani received her BSc (Hons) in Physics from University of Edinburgh, and later earned her MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering from University of Glasgow.

With 5 years of teaching experience, Indrani has taught the following:

  • ACT / SAT
  • SAT Math I & II
  • IB & A-Levels Math, Physics
  • IGCSE Math, Physics, Chemistry

During her time at university, she worked on a project to develop a fluorescence microscope, so she was lucky to have the opportunity to play around with a really cool sapphire titanium laser.

In her spare time, she likes to experiment with different types of cuisine, which Hong Kong is a great place for.

Blogs written: Counting Principles, Combinations and Permutations, 5 things to do when preparing for the SAT Physics, IB Math: AA or AI?, Designing Physics Experiments, The Pursuit of Fission

Demo class: Physics – IB SL Particle Physics (feynman diagrams and quark confinement)Physics – IB HL Bohr Model of the Atom

Indrani’s personality makes her a good teacher for the type of student that wants to develop a deeper understanding of space and time!

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