Implementing Strategy as an Education Company – Innovation Enterprise

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The Edge’s Founder and CEO, Duc Luu, also the Chief Strategy Officer at RISE Education, has recently shared his insights on implementing a successful strategy as an Education Company in the Asia-Pacific region in Innovation Enterprise, the business media company. Read on to hear Duc sharing on the uniqueness about RISE Education’s strategy, the different approaches and challenges of […]

Radio Interview with Duc Luu – Running The Race

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Recently, The Edge’s Founder and CEO, Duc Luu had the opportunity to be interviewed by Hong Kong’s D100 radio show, Running the Race. Running the race is a show sharing the various ways entrepreneurs have been successful over time. Duc shares his story from the humble days of founding The Edge to the recent merger with the RISE […]

Providing The Needed Edge For Pinnacle Success

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Our Test Prep expert, Nick Marshall, shares how The Edge’s Content & Development Team using its wealth of test preparation experience to train students to hit their target scores, providing them with the tools and know-how they need to triumphantly sail over that last hurdle to entering a top university. If you can’t view the […]