UK Admissions Test Prep

U.K. Admissions Test Preparation

With U.K. universities having such an impressive international reputation,  many families consider the U.K. as one of their ideal options for kids to study abroad. Since the typical U.K. University focuses more on academic performance, many courses require students to take an Admissions Test, especially for professional degrees like law and medicine, which is a good way for universities to distinguish the top candidates for these competitive courses.

There are 3 important things to be aware of when applying to U.K. Universities. 
1) The admissions test, if any, that is needed for your particular courses.
2) Key dates (Registration, Test, Results Release). 
3) Deadline of the UCAS application
a) Oct 15 – for Oxford / Cambridge / Medicine / Vet / Dentistry
b) Jan 15 –  for all UK UCAS Applications

Applying Degree in Law or Medicine:

CourseTestUniversitiesRegistration OpensRegistration ClosesTest Beings
LawLNAT (Law National Aptitude Test)Oxford, UCL, LSE, King's, Durham, Nottingham, Glasgow, Birmingham, BristolAug 1, 2018Oct 5, 2018 (Registration Closes for Oxford Applicants 2019)
Jan 15, 2019 (Registration Closes for Other Applicants 2019)
Sept 1, 2018
Oct 20, 2018 (Deadline to take LNAT for Oxford Applicants 2019)
Jan 20, 2019 (Deadline to take LNAT for Other Applicants 2019)
LawCLT (Cambridge Law Test)CambridgeTaken on the day of the interview
MedicineBMAT (Biomedical Admissions Test)Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, Leeds, Lancaster, Keele, Brighton and Sussex Medical School (Different schools require different rounds.)Sept test: June 25, 2018
Oct test: Sept 1, 2018
Sept test: Aug 12, 2018
Oct test: Oct 1, 2018
Sept test: Sept 1, 2018
Oct test: Oct 31, 2018
MedicineUKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test)St Andrews, Durham, Warwick, Exeter, KCL, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Southampton, Sheffield...May 1, 2018Oct 1, 2018Oct 2, 2018 (Deadline to take UKCAT)

Applying to Oxford:

Biomedical Science, Dentistry, MedicineBMAT
Chemistry, Economics & Management, History, Human Sciences, Linguistics, Psychology, PPETSA
Engineering, Materials Science, PhysicsPAT
Mathematics, Computer ScienceMAT
Modern Languages, LinguisticsMLAT
Oriental StudiesOLAT
Philosophy, TheologyPhilosophy Test

Applying to Cambridge:

Asian and Middle Eastern StudiesAMESAA
Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and CelticASNCAA
Chemical Engineering, EngineeringENGAA
History, Modern Languages, PoliticsHAA
Human, Social, and Political SciencesHSPSAA
Land EconomyTSA
Natural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Chemical EngineeringNSAA
Psychological and Behavioural SciencesPBSAA
*Please refer to the Cambridge assessment admissions testing for the latest update.

We normally suggest students start their preparation 4-6 months before submitting their UCAS applications. Summer is the best time to prepare! The Edge is offering various private U.K. Admissions Test tutoring with 20% off for all students (limited time discount!)

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  • Rigorous techniques and strategies for answering questions

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