Xiyang Fan

SAT, English, Writing & Philosophy

Xiyang is an excellent teacher who assesses each student's individual needs and adapts her teaching style accordingly. She does not believe in spoon-feeding and instead encourages her students to think independently. She achieves this by asking a lot of questions to get the student to reason and come up with their own answers before sharing her own thoughts.

Xiyang is an accomplished individual who graduated with flying colors from the prestigious University of Chicago in the United States. She earned her undergraduate degree with a remarkable magna cum laude distinction, majoring in Comparative Literature.

Xiyang has been tutoring younger students in their English coursework since high school and working towards tutoring standardized testing (SAT English) since college. After graduation, she shifted her focus to admissions counseling but continued to work with students in English writing and philosophy.

With 7 years of teaching experience, Xiyang has taught the following subjects:

  • SAT
  • English
  • Academic Writing
  • Philosophy

In her free time, she writes short stories, watches Formula 1, and enjoys watching various YouTube channels that explore philosophy and history.

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Xiyang has a deep passion for learning and academics, particularly in the humanities and social sciences. Her ultimate goal is to become a teacher so that she can share her love for learning with others. Xiyang aspires to inspire her students to find joy in their educational years and develop a lifelong love for learning.