Michele Heng

Economics, Biology, SAT & ACT

Michele's class revolves around interesting activities and focused practice questions to facilitate optimal learning outcomes.

Michele is an Economics graduate from Boston University in the United States.

Michele began tutoring during her time at university when American and Chinese students approached her for SAT and ACT tutoring. Initially, she shared tips and practice questions that she had prepared during high school. Slowly but surely, she was able to conduct full-fledged tutoring sessions with her students. Michele has a proven record of helping students significantly improve their SAT and ACT scores within a short time frame. She has helped students increase their scores by more than 15% in just one month.

With 2 years of teaching experience, Michele has taught the following subjects:

  • SAT English & Math
  • ACT English, Math & Science
  • Economics (A-Level)
  • Biology (A-Level)

Michele enjoys spending time with her pet and traveling during her free time.

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Michele finds the success of her students to be the greatest motivation for her work as a teacher.