Fabio Lupo


Fabio is a highly organized teacher who carefully plans his lessons based on a comprehensive evaluation of the student's learning objectives. He avoids using a "lecture" style approach and instead engages his students through interactive Q&A sessions, short tasks, and relevant examples to facilitate their learning and comprehension process.

Fabio holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of London and an MPhil in Organic Chemistry from the University of Birmingham. He also completed a Postgraduate Diploma Program in Education, specializing in Chemistry, and earned the UK Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) Certification, allowing him to teach in many schools in England.

Fabio is an accomplished Chemistry teacher and experimentalist with a wealth of research experience and extensive global experience in international schools. He has a high level of expertise in Chemistry, Nanoparticles, Organic Chemistry, Materials, and Analytical Chemistry.

With over 10 years of teaching experience, Fabio has taught the following subjects:

  • IGCSE Chemistry
  • IB Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry
  • A-Level Chemistry (CIE, OCR & AQA)

Fabio always tailors his teaching to meet his students’ academic needs and helps them excel in school assignments and exams. In the academic year 2021, he helped his class achieve an 80% pass rate and 60% full score in AP Chemistry. In 2023, his class achieved an outstanding 90% A* in AP Chemistry.

In his free time, Fabio enjoys diving and biking.

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