Asma Zafar


Asma’s background as a dentist with a research master's degree has equipped her with valuable skills that directly translate to teaching. Her experience has enabled her to explain complex medical procedures to patients in a clear and engaging manner. Patient education is an essential aspect of dentistry, and Asma has developed effective methods to make it informative and interactive.

Asma received her M.Sc. in Regenerative Dentistry from King’s College London and her M.Sc. in Public Health from the University of Bedfordshire in the UK.

Asma has been teaching since she was a dental student, using analogies to help students memorize difficult scientific terms and understand concepts through a combination of simple diagrams and educational videos. She began her full-time teaching career in Hong Kong two years ago, and she has been teaching her students with various experiments and activities to make learning fun.

With 2 years of teaching experience, Asma has taught the following subjects:

  • Biology (GCSE/IGCSE, IB & A-Level)

Asma is a teacher who uses a variety of techniques to help her students learn and understand the lessons easily. She employs hands-on activities, inquiry-based learning, and analogies to cater to each student’s unique level of understanding. Asma believes in differentiated teaching to ensure that each student receives the best possible learning experience. She strives to create a safe and stimulating environment where students feel comfortable to ask questions regardless of their age.

Asma is an enthusiastic reader, particularly interested in keeping up with the latest scientific research and advancements. She also enjoys learning new software and is currently fascinated by the technology of artificial intelligence.

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Asma has developed a deep understanding of dental science through her extensive research experience. She is highly enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with future generations and is confident that her scientific background, along with her effective communication and educational skills, will enable her to inspire and educate students effectively.