Upcoming Seminars at The Edge

The Edge will be providing a great opportunity for parents and students to learn more about the complicated educational landscape. We have many exciting seminars on various topics from our full range of services: Admissions Consulting, Test Preparation and Academic Tutoring.

  • Admissions Consulting Seminars – provide The Edge’s insights, information, and tips about planning to apply for overseas Universities.
  • Test Preparation Seminars – introduce different kinds of standardized tests for students who wish to enroll in universities, and how to prep well for their tests.
  • Academic Tutoring Seminars – give an overview of the international high school programs curriculum.

All seminars are FREE! Interested in one of the below topics? Register today to reserve a spot for you and your family!

Upcoming Seminars at The Edge

Dates (Saturday)TypesTopicsSign up!
Oct 6, 2018Academic TutoringPath to IB Success Seminar Series #4: IB Economics and BusinessN/A
Oct 9 ,2018Academic TutoringGuide to IB Eng Lit and HumanitiesN/A
Oct 13, 2018Academic TutoringPath to IB Success Seminar Series #5: IB TOK (Theory of Knowledge)N/A
Oct 20, 2018Admissions ConsultingApplication Essays ExplainedN/A
Oct 27, 2018Admissions ConsultingAcademic vs. Professional – U.K. University AdmissionsN/A
Nov 3, 2018Admissions ConsultingDemystifying the US Boarding School Admissions ProcessN/A
Nov 10, 2018Test PreparationSteps to Achieve the Top SAT ScoreN/A
Nov 17, 2018Test PreparationSteps to Achieve the Top ACT ScoreN/A
Nov 24, 2018Admissions ConsultingPath to U.S. University AdmissionsN/A
Dec 1, 2018Academic TutoringHow to Excel in IGCSE Math & ScienceN/A
Dec 8, 2018Admissions ConsultingPath to UK University AdmissionsN/A
Dec 15, 2018Admissions ConsultingU.S. Boarding School: How to Ace the SSAT?Here

*Seminar dates and topics are subject to change.