Seminar: An Expert Look Into Interpreting UK Admissions Requirements

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Want to go to the UK for university? Come join us for a discussion on how to fully make sense of various requirements (both traditional and new ones) for being admitted into the UK. Our UK specialist consultant has insider information on strategies to make yourself more competitive compared to other applicants. The seminar will […]

Seminar: Path to IB Success – English & Math

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A new school year is around the corner! For the upcoming IB students who have concerns and uncertainty on the IB English and Math curriculum changes in September, join our seminar to learn about the recent IB changes and tips to prepare for the exams. A 20-min demo lesson of each subject is given to let […]

Seminar: University Admissions at a Glance: US vs UK

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Both the US and the UK have always been popular study destinations. But how do you know which university best fit your student? Our admissions consultants are here to give you a holistic view of admissions criteria, process, and the newest admission trends for admission into high demand US and the UK universities. The seminar […]

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