Tim Mok

Mathematics, Physics

Tim’s decade of teaching experience, textbook publications, and four advanced degrees make him The Edge’s sage of math and physics. Learn from the master.

Tim got his BSc in Mathematics from the University College London, MSc in Meteorology from the University of Reading, PhD in Physics from the City University of Hong Kong and PGDE in Science from The Hong Kong Institute of Education.

Tim has over 16 years of teaching experience and has taught all of the following:

  • Physics
  • Integrated Science
  • Mathematics

Tim has extensive knowledge and has published several volumes of physics secondary school textbooks and practical books. Tim is great with students who have clear learning goals and are ready to pursue good problem-solving skills.

Fun fact: Tim has experience in village-style kung-fu training.

Blogs written: 

Tim seeks to inspire an interest in life-long learning by encouraging students to apply scientific knowledge to real-life situations. Cheerful and meticulous, with a strong focus on boardwork, Tim is a trustworthy guide through mathematics and physics curricula.