Sonali Khemka

English Literature, English Language, LNAT, Psychology

Sonali likes using lots of examples to make the work understandable and relevant to her students. Growing up and studying in Hong Kong has allowed her to understand and fill the knowledge gap typical students in the local and international educational systems have.

Sonali received her LL.B., Law from University of Nottingham, and later earned a Master’s degree in Journalism from The University of Hong Kong.

With 5 years of teaching experience, Sonali has taught the following:

  • English Language
  • English Literature

Sonali has published work for Time Out and Crave magazine and various other online magazines. She likes to write poems in her free time and performed one of them at a youth cultural event in Hong Kong.

She is fond of singing, reading, and observing people.

Blog written: Summarizing vs Analyzing in English Literature, Discussion on IB Psychology Command Terms, All About Alliteration!

Sonali’s experience and background make her a good teacher for students who are not feeling inspired or driven through their education at school.

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