Sandro Stephen Joseph Lau

English Language & Literature, History, Biology

Sandro's teaching style is dynamic and encouraging, and do his best to enable students to ask themselves the right questions.

Sandro Lau received his B.Sc in Architectural Studies and M.A. in Literary Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He started regularly tutoring privately during his bachelor’s. After his MA he took the TESOL as he wanted to learn how to better engage with students. During his PhD candidacy, he was a TA for multiple academic courses in English literary studies, and as a Peer Tutor helping students with their English speaking, academic writing, and presentation skills.

With 9+ years of teaching experience, Sandro has taught the following subjects:

  • IGCSE/IB English Language & Literature
  • IGCSE/IB English Literature
  • IGCSE/IB Biology
  • IGCSE/IB Design Technology (Graphics/Human Factors)
  • IGCSE/AP/IB History
  • HKDSE English
  • Academic Writing

Sandro has been extremely lucky to have great teachers since high school, and that has really driven me to get more out of life.

He enjoys exploring new places, hiking, and being close to nature during his leisure time.

Blogs written:

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Sandro has always had a passion for helping others learn things, not only academically, but holistically.