Owen Cheong

Math, Physics, Chemistry

Owen emphasizes on the interaction between the students and himself. He would describe himself as 'funny and nice'.

Owen received both his B.S. in Mathematics and M.A. in Social Science at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

With 7 years teaching experience, Owen has taught the following subjects:

  • SAT Math
  • IB HL & SL Math
  • AP Calculus
  • IGCSE Math
  • A-Level Math
  • HKDSE Math
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Owen is very good at playing a mobile game related to Math called ‘2048’. Making a ‘4096’ box is his highest record. He was a pianist of HKUST HKSS Ensemble in 2014, under the direction of Asian famous violinist Takako Nishizaki and local pianist Amy Sze.

Blogs written: Winning a Nobel Prize by Solving ‘1+1’, Using a normal calculator to do Algebraic Expansion, 5 common mistakes made by IGCSE Math students, A guide to use online tools to perform mathematical modeling, Using a normal calculator to do Algebraic Expansion (Part 2)

Owen’s personality makes him a good teacher for the type of student that who is not afraid to raise any questions during class. He feels happy listening to students’ needs and concerns because their questions also drive him to learn how to become a better teacher.

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