Levi Busch

English, School/University Entrance Exam

With his wealth of experience at The Edge and his creatively catered teaching methods, Levi can help students reach their potential.

Levi received his BA in English Literature & Literary Theory from Dartmouth College.
Levi has 10 years of teaching experience and has taught all of the following:
  • Test Preparation (SAT, ACT)
  • IB/AP English Literature
  • Creative & Academic Writing
  • Modern American Literature & Poetry

As one of the most experienced test-preparation and English literature tutor at The Edge, Levi knows the exact way to navigate through the different tests and assessments.

Regardless of the material, his teaching methods are focused on crafting content to each student’s needs. Levi will cater to the strengths and orientations of the students, and connect the necessary contents in a way that is less difficult to them.

Besides teaching, Levi loves hiking, camping, and pursuing his creative writing passions. For any students who share the passion towards nature or writing, he can help expand and challenge them as well.

Blogs written: When should you take the SAT/ACT?, Case Study: How does a college use standardized test data?, 5 Tips on How to Write your Common App Essay, Approach to SAT Math, Learning the Difference Between WHO and WHOM, Top 5 Non-Academic Things To Do Before You Take Your SAT/ACT, How to Approach the Columbia University Supplements, How to Approach the Northwestern University Supplements

Levi’s teaching style is meticulous and tailored. He is excellent with shy but curious students, or any students struggling to make the connection between themselves and the materials.

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