Leo Lam

(Head of Academics & Test Preparation)

Mathematics, School/University Entrance Exam

Leo's teaching style is both thorough and systematic. He wants his students to leave having not just memorized equations or steps, but also having understood the mechanics involved.

Leo received his B.S. in Mathematics from California State University, Los Angeles, with the option of Pure Mathematics. He graduated with honors (cum laude).

With 13 years of teaching experience under his belt, Leo is an expert in teaching all of the following:

  • IB Math SL/HL
  • IGCSE Mathematics
  • IGCSE Physics
  • AP Calculus

Leo has taught students of different levels from age 3 to adults. He is comfortable switching his train of thought to tackle different materials quickly and using different tones and techniques for different age groups. Many students have seen dramatic increases in their confidence and scores after taking lessons with him. One in particular went from a predicted score of 3 for his IB Math HL, to a final score of 6.

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Leo’s experience and background make him a good teacher for students who want to dig deeper into the theories behind what they learn instead of taking things at their face values. He’s a good fit for those who are looking for different approaches than those they have been taught in school.