Kevin Kwok

English, School/University Entrance Exam

Kevin's teaching style is empowering, engaging, interactive, student-centred, and empathetic.

Kevin received his B.A. in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. He is also a recently certified CertTESOL English instructor and taught group classes of adult English learners during his training.

During university, Kevin provided teaching support for after-school programs in Chicago for the following subjects:

  • English (all grades)
  • Arts (high school)

Kevin took the SAT again this year to better understand what the students enrolled in The Edge’s SAT courses and private lessons have to go through. He aims to empower the student to become an active learner in the classroom, and not a passive observer of a teacher.

Kevin is trying to embrace a diet with less meat and more vegetables, and perhaps become a vegetarian in the future. Kevin would welcome any suggestions or helpful tips from others who have made this change!

Blogs written: Should I Take the SAT Essay?Quarantine Reading for the SAT,  Context! Audience! Purpose! Tackling the IB English B Paper 1

Demo class: SAT – Reading Vocabulary in Context

Kevin’s background and qualifications make him a good teacher for the type of student that wants to see standardized test preparation as more than just endless repetition and practice.

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